Sabina Berariu| Year 5 


A sleeping icon from London’s past, Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens was, from the 17th century onwards (and for nearly two hundred years) synonymous with pleasure, sin and urban adventure. A playground for the bourgeoning upper middle classes, the Gardens hosted orchestras, illuminations, exotic dancers and hot air balloon rides: a place to encounter friends, enemies and lovers. Drawing on the multi-layered histories of the site, the proposal is a ground carving set of interlocking ‘plates’; an inventive new landscape condition where highly specific, localised ‘atmospheres’ can stimulate new behaviours between visitors whilst being grounded in the stories from its unique past. Seen as a linked network of charged vessels, the landscape becomes a terrain of chance that slowly adjusts according to micro-climactic changes and where your destiny is nudged with the turning of the weather.