GDP and continuous growth as a measure of development is a capitalist construct which is no longer compatible with the challenges of climate change and social inequality we face. Progressive societies are starting to value measures of happiness and well-being as the alternative measure of success. This projects imagines a new Ministry of Happiness and Wellbeing for London, in one of the most prominent of locations, the Serpentine Lake, which signifies the importance of which a progressive new future society might hold such values.

Ministry of Happiness

Uncanny Puppet

Project aims to explore the role of emotions in attributing life-like characteristics to animate artificial entities and minimal characteristics of movement that could be interpreted as goal orientated behaviour. Psychological findings in perceptual animacy demonstrate that a specific stimuli that appears to be self-initiated is enough for anthropomorphic attributions. Simple input-output driven mechanism was operated by an Arduino with predefined rotation angle responding to a distance between the observer and the puppet. An appearance of a complex behaviour and intelligent was evoked by the irregular shapes of spinning wires.