In project 1, I have picked an unusual combination of old people and video game to illustrate my idea, presenting a serious matter but in a playful manner. Video game becomes a fascinating way in which people can navigate the minds and memories of the elderly in a nonlinear narrative, through researching and documenting the storyboard of the game, it allows of to have a better understanding of the elderly life.

The ''Window" Rejuvenate

The Amphibious Living for

Later Life

A later life project that designed for the boat community. As people grow older and their mobility decreases, living on a canal boat becomes relatively hard. This project imagines a retirement home for the boating community in Camden, enabling people to continue living in their own boats for as long as possible, while providing necessary help/facilities throughout different times within the building.


Besides, the slow way of life travelling by canal boat has further adopted as a design metaphor in the building. Not only using water as a medium to bring the slow paced of life into the building, but also use water to energize the livelihood of the elderly.