In this proposal, tours around the city will encounter several events and characters related to the well-known story: The Great Yu's Treatment With Flood (大禹治水). Chongqing, as a big city along the Yangtze River, has many cultural spaces related to the myth. These place, along with other famous urban spaces, will be overlayed by the adventure and experience of the myth. The AR technology act not only as of the tool of enhancing the urban experience but also as the mechanism of remapping the urban experience.
The adoption of augmented reality will fundamentally change the way people experience the urban and architectural space. The traditional urban experience is mostly defined by the physical buildings and objects, most of them are static. Although we have already got some digital elements in the city: such as traffic light and urban screen, the degree of connectivity and interactivity is still at a low level. The AR environment will provide a new paradigm of human-urban space interaction. This kind of paradigm will be more and more important with the development of emerging technology. This proposal is using the current mainstream AR platform ARkit as the development platform. Ipad is the premier tool for joining the mixed digital space. Under this context, the urban space is experienced and remembered through AR software. The urban space itself become software as well.

Yu Metropolitian