Venice Beach is well known for its vibrance and art culture. Back in the early days, it was a place where the the unsual was possible. It was a place where creativity was across the air. The vibrance of Venice Beach remains until today. Unfortunately, althought the place is still very much alive, there are only a handful of effort taken to make the enrich the site.The promenade along Venice Beach is filled with street performancers , street market and street art. These are the key elements that brings live to Venice Beach. However, when sun sets, the site transforms into a dead town where homeless wonders the streets.This reflects that without the art on the street, Venice Beach is merely just a beach.The project proposes an art center where the essence of Venice Beach will be surely maintained. It is a place where the art vendors on Venice Beach will be able to not only showcase their art but also share and teach other. The project is an effort to mantain as well as  enrich the art culture on Venice Beach. The building also  hybrids into a performance space where performing art based on Venice Beach can also be showcased.

Venice Art Circuis