The project is interested in preserving significant cultural and historical landscapes, which are currently being eroded. The Museum of Disappearing Landscapes is a building that houses digitally replicated projections of past landscapes, which have been 3D scanned as point clouds.

The building is made up of three spatial layers. The exterior skin is made up of black aluminium panels whilst a concrete landscape creates a manmade typography, which becomes a public space for the waterfront area. The interior white landscape consists of the main gallery space, which is made of glass reinforced plaster, providing ideal lighting conditions for immersive and illuminated installations. The inner chamber of the building forms a black blackdrop for the 3D mist landscape holograms.

The building allows the audience to experience a poetic yet absent journey through the digital replicas of the landscape as a way to bring mother nature back to the city.

Museum of

Disappearing Landscape