Free runners or ‘traceurs’ thrive within the derelict industrial areas of Silvertown, participating in a type of play called parkour. Their child-like curiosity for exploring the urban environment reinterpretes urban surfaces or geometries with which they can form alternate interactions.

The proposal is a Parkour Academy which will act as a catalyst to bring the spirit of public life to Silvertown. The crux of the academy revolves around the training spaces which train ways to interact with architecture, focusing on the haptic, visual and acoustic sensations associated with the movements of parkour.

The building’s animated façade, transportation infrastructure and the backdrop of the city all combine to create new opportunities for Play in Silvertown. Internally the building is colour coded red for spectators and the remaining spaces are free for occupation by traceurs. Adjustable platforms, suspended lighting and camera tracking create a dynamic environment. Once visitors learn parkour the city will become their playground.

Jump Silvertown