Architects rely on empathy and imagination to create places from ideas they gather. This project imagines a landscape museum and archive based on the life of a Finnish architect which is largely forgotten. The project explores the boundaries between documentation, facsimile and imagination. It directly acknowledges the role of my own imagination as both a source of inaccuracy, but also creativity in the process of representing a history which cannot be recreated. 

As described by Aldo Rossi- “The object comes to embody both an idea of itself and a memory of a former self.”. These, when digitised become a timeless repository of our memories. Digitising the physical is another form of architectural practice that is history making. From the everyday objects found on my site in Vallisaari Island in Helsinki and the topography of the landscape, once digitalised, it allowed me to reinvent the meanings of the objects by manipulating their materiality, scale, resolution and use. The aspect of preserving memories through storytelling and experimental filmmaking and drawings - both physical and flights of imagination, allowed me to recreate an event in a material form and transforming analogue records into a digital archive.

Digital Memories