Inspired by the books ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’ by Lewis Caroll and its various representations in film and theme parks, this project aims to explore the possibilities of ‘game-playing’ in architectural design.

‘Wonderland’ proposes a bridge structure that crosses the Royal Victoria Dock and explores the idea of ‘a game within a game,’a key concept found within Carroll’s books.

Architecture is not only a vessel that provides game spaces for users, the experience of the architecture is also a game in itself, with specific rules. The concept for the project draws parallels with current online games that connect users from all over the globe, democratising the experience of space in a multi-dimensional game world. Each player experiences the building differently, as determined by the playing card they are issued on entering the building.

Borrowing elements from Alice’s story such as the white rabbit narrator, pocket clock and playing cards, the final film shows the player’s journey from the river side onto the game bridge and the experience of ‘playing’ the building from the top to the bottom.


A Game Bridge