Post-Capitalism, accelerationism and other social theories explore ways in which our political system can be changed and adjusted with technological progress. One of the most common theories and predictions is the elimination of human labour, as it will be replaced by machines and a Universal Basic Income that will be given freely to everyone. A question often raised is, ‘what will people do if they don’t have to work?’

This project is set in the context of the transitional period between contemporary work culture and the anticipated period of full automation. Whilst the right and the left are still confused and are yet to understand how a high-tech world operates, this project focuses on the transformation of people’s everyday behaviour during this unpredictable period, as they search for meaning in their lives.

This filmic investigation draws upon theories of self- transformation from philosophers and social theorists in order to explore other ways of living. In doing so, virtual reality technology will be the tool to explore new perspectives of the world and different ways of being. The Interreality building will provide an e-experience whose main objective is to place its users within an interactive feedback loop that merges the virtual and the physical worlds.