Emir Tigrel | Year 5


Within the once-sooty, blue-collar industrial zones of the Brooklyn Naval Yard - and acting as a counterpoint to the burgeoning ’Silicon Alley’ of Manhattan - an assemblage of new and old buildings form a hub for digital- focussed entrepreneurialism.

Drawing on the rich symbolism of the industrial relics that scatter the existing site and using advanced imaging technologies, the new buildings seek to ‘complete’ lost artefacts and spaces, giving a tectonic presence to the fading memories of this original US Industrial Powerhouse. A Museum without walls. In contrast to the 'bull' of Wall Street, the Brooklyn Navy Yard is portrayed as the 'ballerina'.

Marrying the potent historical imagery of the Naval Yard with the charged economic potential of the city, Emir has designed a coherent embracing body that can contain this sprawling and fragmented vestigial landscape.