Jasper Stevens | Year 4 


The Museum of Lost Places is a new kind of museum located in Gravesend where buildings threatened with demolition are 3D scanned, reconstructed and experienced ‘virtually’ within a bespoke physical environment. James Stirling’s No.1 Poultry, the Smithson’s Robin Hood Gardens and Ladywell Baths in Lewisham are used in the first phases of the development. Fragments of these threatened buildings are physically reconstructed in a seamless homogenous concrete ‘cast’ over which a digital ‘soft’ layer is experienced through Virtual Reality eyewear. This pioneering building type seeks out a ‘digital tectonic’ through the careful interlayering of media, time and built form. A mesmerising experience, where voices from the past are given a volumetric richness and where a buildings’ potential future can be experienced in a kind of accelerated space-time.