Finbarr Fallon | Year 4 


 In response to increasing land scarcity on the tiny island state, a vision for Singapore’s future is imagined where extreme excavation is proposed on a national level. The vast deep -level masterplan is partly occupied by inflatable structures, which breathe naturally cooled cave air and are supported by modular superframe structures. For Singapore’s 2065 Centennial of Independence, The National Day Parade is reconfigured from traditional military glorification, into a choreographed march of robotic construction technology, which is greatly celebrated by the public. The true catalyst behind the construction of the masterplan – the exploitation of foreign labour – is hidden deeper underground, where social tensions are rising and threaten to de-rail the entire project. This Metropolis-inspired proposition is a fully detailed technicolor polemic that examines the fragile nature of existence, as we search for pioneering solutions to the issues of overcrowding, pollution