James Holmes | Year 5 



 A wind and hydro- powered wetland at Tempelhof Airport is fashioned into a landscape of the sublime. The proposal takes popular culture as its principle site of intervention, speculating on how the landscape will be represented and recontextualised in science-fiction film. The wetland responds to local environmental demands, offering a stormwater retention and treatment facility whilst simultaneously spawning new recreational opportunities for everyday use. The physical processes introduced to the site are synthesised in a motionpicturesque architectural language, with the programmatic elements and natural phenomena occurring on site curated into moments of sublimity that lend themselves to science-fiction film, enacting a parallel existence of the landscape in cinema. High-altitude airborne wind turbines soaring over the flat expanse of Tempelhof Airfield pump water from local stormwater drains up to higher-level water batteries that provide a reliable source of hydroelectric energy and constant stream of water distributed under high pressure to the submerged wetland modules that passively purify the water. In reality the landscape acts as public boating lakes, swimming pools, artificial beaches and thermal baths, in cinema it acts as a cosmically aligned instrument that mediates between different dimensions. Berliner Luft A precursor to the final project, Berliner Luft, inspired by a 1920s Weimar myth of the same name, is a virtual construct fashioned after the spaces of videogame levels and films that encapsulates a subconscious spirit of Berlin in an affutonomous space. A stock of architectural elements from representations of Berlin in film and videogames were synthesised according to design principles extrapolated from game design and filmmaking, with existing buildings from Berlin synthesised in an overarching science-fiction language into a fantasy infrastructure that allows the myth – a belief that the air in Berlin contained a naturally occurring amphetamine that invigorated Berliners – to become a fully-functioning reality