Martyna Marciniak | Year 4 


Located within the tiny island of Chiswick Eyot, on the River Thames, this semi-hidden hotel is designed to hydraulically harness the sliding undercurrents, swells, eddies and ever-shifting tidal sandbanks to charge the inner workings of the building. Martyna sets out to link memories with spatial constructs, creating a slippery dream-like experience within the interlinked interior worlds. The building aims to create an ‘aporia’, or a sense of ‘almost- recognising’, where perception of space is an imperfect and incomplete doppelgänger of a spatial memory. The hotel is constructed around the semi- fictional ‘mythologies of Chiswick Eyot’; fragmented recollections, rumours and pseudo-historical accounts of the history of the site. Channelling the spirit of one- time resident, Lewis Carroll, a cinematic progression through ever-changing spaces ‘above’ is sporadically interrupted by revealing relic-like artefacts ‘below’ a brittle shifting landscape between memory and dream.