Nick Shackleton | Year 4


“On Margate Sands, I can connect nothing with nothing” T.S.Eliot, 1922 This relocation of a games developer to the wild nothings of Margate responds to a growing trend for digital entrepeneurs to seek low-rents within striking distance of London. Marrying the economic potential of the UK gaming sector with the affordable rents of a commuter town, the project seeks to inject new life into an area well-known for it’s historic ‘leisure-based’ economy. Situated adjacent to the Dreamland Pleasure Park on the seafront promenade, this playground-like building is both a permanent E-sports Arena and a test centre for new games. The large reconfigurable interior and the design of the hanging elements within is inspired by the rich language of British games from Populous to Chuckie Egg, epitomised in the scheme’s ‘Platformer Façade’. Aware of its potentially limited lifespan, this brash hyper-coloured bubblegum building is high on E-numbers, ready to burn out your last remaining credits into thrilling regret-free nothingness.