Gergana Popova | Year 4


Deptford Creek’s ever-changing scenery from tidal mills, chemical works to slaughterhouses, sees yet another change in the face of ‘The Deptford Experiment’. A cross between a medical practice and a community centre, the project challenges the established route for medical exams and seeks to find a new way to sustain health. An organ-like structure, which hosts the medical staff and the samples, infiltrates the main community building through ‘veins’ that act as corridors for access from the medical staff. These spaces have a double occupance: on one side, medical devices are installed in spaces carefully constructed to entice the occupants to obtain bodily samples: sweat, breath, hair, skin; on the other the medical staff have access to collect the sample and store it safely, all in privacy from the community. These spaces themselves become the organ of the building that pulsates and operates through the buildings’ inhabitants. The films from the start of the year have explored this conflicted relationship between observer and being observed, the spaces becoming collectors of a person’s data which implies also a sinister side to these recently developed technologies.